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Areeky Group is a family owned organization established to develop and carry out industrial and commercial activities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Driven by leaders with bold vision and a strong entrepreneurial spirit, the Group has evolved into a diverse construction, property management, transportation, recycling and information technology services organization with more than 800 employees in strategic locations around the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 
Areeky Group headquarter is in Dhahran with branches in Khobar, Dammam, Riyadh and Jeddah. 
The main sectors, which the Group operates, are: 
• Construction 
• Property Management 
• Transportation 
• Recycling “Plastic and Paper” 
• Information Technology 
Throughout our rapid growth, our core values have remained constant, honesty in decision-making, personal responsibility and accountability, and leadership by example. These principles are at the heart of our ability to create and respond to market opportunities and have fueled our dramatic expansion. 

Commercial building construction continues to dominate operations, but over the years, the group has broadened its business into Transportation, Property Management, Building Material, Paper and Plastic manufacturing and recycling, Information Technology and recently Oil Industry. 

To achieve our maximum growth the group hired an IT consultant together with an Oil Industry consultant in order to have the business development team's activities successful and fruitful. The team main task will be the development of an effective and flexible plans responsive to change, growth and expansion. 

Al-Areeky Group is always looking for future opportunities and partners who can be a part of our business development plans. We want to increase our growth thru building strategic alliances and business partnerships. We are focusing on developing new opportunities in Constructions, IT, Recycling and Oil Industry. 

Being in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the biggest oil producer in the world, and having excellent business ties with Saudi Aramco, the world’s biggest oil company in the world, we believe that achieving our business goals in expanding our activities to include oil and gas is more likely to become a true in the near future than far. 

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Our Mission Statement
Is to build on our reputation for integrity, reliability, experience and leadership as the Kingdom's finest organization by: 
Continuously improving the quality of our work and services; 
Constantly striving to exceed each client's expectations; 
Maintaining our dedication to the highest moral principles; and, 
Providing our people with a challenging, secure and safe environment in which to achieve personal career goals.

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